There Has Been A Massive Impact On Digital Commerce

There Has Been A Massive Impact On Digital Commerce

The covid-19 pandemic pandemic has activated a new wave of commerce innovation and organizations are scrambling to meet immediate and emergency needs.

Those who viewed digital commerce as a secondary channel now need to re-prioritize their business with a digital focus.

There exists an opportunity to double-down on digital commerce. Augmenting existing offerings and creating new lines of service.


  1. REASSURE: There are unprecedented confusion on what, where and how to buy things. And as a result, customers are gravitating towards companies that are truthful, transparent, and purpose driven.
  2. STABILIZE: With the closure of retail establishment, much of buyers’ demands will need to be met online. This is the new reality as mass quarantine and unpredictable stock availability cause online commerce to skyrocket.
  3. RECONFIGURE: Businesses that have invested in digital commerce sales tools will likely have an easier time adjusting to the new digital first economy. While those that have only made moderate strides will be more greatly disrupted

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